Preview: Transglobal Underground feat. Natasha Atlas @ The Albany (London; Saturday 3rd November 2018)


Transglobal Underground are a larger than life fusion band that’s a mixture of Asian, African and Western dance music, which has earned them recognition as founding members of the Asian Underground music scene that has thrived in London since the 90s.

In today’s day and age of the ever-growing popularity of ethnic and global fusion music, it seems strange that at one time, it was true innovation to speed up dub; to sing Indian ragas with middle-eastern percussion; to connect the drums and the bass; to incorporate fusion instruments into western dance music – but that’s exactly what Transglobal Underground have done.

They are innovative creators who have cleared the way for a ‘world’ of music to edge into the British dance floor, segregating no sounds on their way.

Catch this truly legendary and rare original line-up at the ever-elegant and theatre-esc Albany for a night of fusion madness that’s sure to keep you dancing.


The show is part of a four-part music series dedicated to the memory of Ed Renshaw and aiming to help young musicians, aged 16 – 25, in South East London. From tonight until the 3rd of November, Evenings for Ed will host at the Deptford venue Steve Howe (31st October), Omar Puente Sextet (1st November) and Riot Jazz Brass Band (2nd November) and Transglobal Underground featuring Natacha Atlas (3rd November).

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