Preview: Tulipa Ruiz @ Rich Mix (London, 8th September 2016)


Three albums and dozens of noteworthy collaborations have helped Tulipa Ruiz to become one of the most recognised and acclaimed voices on the Brazilian music scene. Back in 2010, the singer/songwriter from São Paulo brilliantly dealt with unexpected popularity and excited critics, showing charisma to sell her resolute personality. These features have permitted her to build a solid career and perform all over the world.

Then there’s always the music there to help her. Tulipa Ruiza is one of the newest faces on the MPB scene, mixing her musical roots with indie pop and hints of Tropicalia.

Her London gig at Rich Mix on the 8th September, organised by ¡COMO NO!, will be a unique chance to enjoy her colourful and exuberant artistry, miles away from being “efêmera” (ephemeral).

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