Preview: Vulfpeck @ O2 Academy Brixton (London; Thursday 4th & Friday 5th October 2018)


A rhythm section that is both raw and sits timelessly in 2018 is coming to London. If you haven’t already heard of Vulfpeck, they are quickly gaining ground as one of the most innovative funk bands to have surfaced this decade. Accompanied by catchy melodies that put chart music to shame, the funk/soul powerhouse will be performing at the O2 Academy Brixton on the 4th and 5th of October.

Their last album goes by the title of Sleepify and it is perhaps one of the most ingenious methods of financing a tour: they asked fans to stream it as they sleep, and the royalties were used for the logistics behind their performances. The lateral thinking this requires is also in the essence of their music. Vulfpeck are here to stay and all that’s left now is for you to experience their groove-centric live shows in person. 

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