Preview: Que Dia Es Hoy? (What Day is Today?) – Live Music from Colombia (Saturday 16th May 2020)

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Vamos a Colombia! We always loved the idea of a musical journey, so now more than ever, we would like to take you around the world… with sound.

On Saturday, you are all invited to Que Dia Es Hoy? (What Day is Today?) for a one-way trip to South America, to revel in the music and tradition of a country that passionately features its African, Caribbean and Latin roots: Colombia!

You will bask in sounds inspired and originating from across Colombia, from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, the Andes and its thriving urban artistic communities.

Between 6PM and 1AM (BST), log in to Facebook, find our page and enjoy a live streaming programme of Colombian musicians and DJs who will be sharing the cultural richness of their country.

Organised in partnership with Ivan Medellin (La Sonora Mazurén, Romperayo) Movimientos and Sounds and Colours Que Dia Es Hoy? will showcase a 360-degree view of Colombia, its music scenes and rhythms ranging from cumbia to musica llanera, underground salsa to Afro-Colombian sounds and experimental dance sounds, featuring:

Conjunto Media Luna : 6PM – 7 PM (British Standard Time) / 12PM – 1PM (Colombian Time)

Sonique (DJ Set): 7PM – 8PM (BST) / 1PM – 2PM (COT)

Gato E Monte (Live): 8PM – 9PM (BST) / 2PM – 3PM (COT)

María del Rosario (DJ Set): 9PM – 10PM (BST) / 3PM – 4PM (COT)

La Tromba Bacalao (Live): 10PM – 11PM (BST) / 4PM – 5PM (COT)

Edna Martinez (Record Selection): 11PM – 12AM (BST) / 5PM – 6PM (COT)

La Muchacha (Live): 12AM – 1AM (BST) / 6PM – 7PM (COT)

Please note that to support the musicians & performers who have lost most of their regular income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be collecting donations on the day of the event, with a suggested donation of £5. Viva la música!


In partnership with:
Llorona Records
Discos Cabeza


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