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Interview: Clinton Fearon (March 2017)

In a world of “acceptable musical nihilism”, Clinton Fearon is a citizen-musician, in the ideal sense of the word. He produces music that goes beyond expressing the sun, mountains, rooms, etc, associated with his native Jamaica (he now lives in Washington State), and instead is a troubadour, open to the…

Artists: Clinton Fearon

Album Review: Clinton Fearon – This Morning [Chapter Two Records/Wagram Records, 30th September 2016]

At age of 66 and with a career spanning almost 50 years, Clinton Fearon could be peacefully considering retirement. But age must apply differently to Jamaican musicians. Just look at Kiddus I (72) and Cedric Myton (70), whose last effort – The Soul of Jamaica: Inna de Yard (Chapter Two)…

Artists: Clinton Fearon

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