Daily Discovery: AMMAR 808 – Marivere gati

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Album Review: Ammar 808 – Maghreb United [Glitterbeat Records; June 2018]

Known for its astonishing desertic landscapes and its rich cultural history, the Maghreb is a vast region in North Africa that was once ruled by Berber dynasties under one reign. Nowadays, this land is divided between Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania and Western Sahara, but nevertheless, their differences are strongly…

Artists: Ammar 808 , Sofyann Ben Youssef

Interview: Sofyann Ben Youssef, Ammar 808 – Terraforming A Pan-Maghrebian Futurism (June 2018)

Sofyann Ben Youssef is not the kind of musician who likes having too much attention on himself. Despite being the master builder and wizard behind the sounds of some of the most exciting North African projects of recent times, you have probably never heard of him. That’s because he likes…

Artists: Ammar 808

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