Daily Discovery: Balkan Taksim — Anadolka (Official Video)

Check out ‘Anadolka‘ the brand-new single and video by ‘Balkan electro-psych’ duo Balkan Taksim, extracted from their upcoming debut album Disco Telegraf out on Buda Musique later this year.
Anadolka is a journey into the maelstrom of memory. A contemporary poet is haunted by the spirit of a beautiful woman from the Balkans. He chases her shadow while visiting an old lonely house, by the side of a desolate lake. Wintertime brings memories of a past saturated with desire, with a guilty love that is on the edge of tearing apart an old friendship. A visual poem, in which the layers of time melt. In the end, the observer is the one who is observed.
(Andra Hera, video director)

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