Daily Discovery: Fulu Miziki – Bivada ft Sekelembele

Check out ‘Bivada’ the brand-new single by Congolese eco-friendly music warriors Fulu Miziki extracted from their upcoming debut EP, Ngbaka, out in mid-November via Moshi Moshi Music: https://fulumiziki.bandcamp.com/album/ngbaka-ep
This is for the man who walks without shoes in the middle of the bush to find food for their loved ones, this is for the Congolese women who have lost their lives trying to protect and raise us. This is to all the standing and fallen men and women around the world who wake up with nothing but manage to find food for their loved one at the end of the day. This is for the hustlers. It’s for Kinshasa, It’s Bivada

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Interview: Q&A with Fulu Miziki – Waste-to-Energy Music (October 2021)

There are only a few acts able to generate global hype without having even released an album… Fulu Miziki is possibly one of the most unlikely examples. The collective, which came to light in Kinshasa roughly 10 years ago, not only hasn’t published an LP, but not even an EP…

Artists: Fulu Miziki

Daily Discovery: Fulu Miziki – Ok Seke Bien ft Sekelembele Official Video

We’re still a few months away from the release of Ngbaka… In mid-November, Moshi Moshi Records will indeed finally unearth the debut EP of Congolese band Fulu Miziki and their “music from the garbage”: https://fulumiziki.bandcamp.com/album/ngbaka-ep   In the meantime, enjoy their new single & video ‘Ok Seke Bien’ featuring Sekelembele…

Artists: Fulu Miziki , Sekelembele

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