Daily Discovery: ÌFÉ – Heart Full of Love

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Daily Discovery: ÌFÉ – FAKE BLOOD (Official Video) Live Performance in New Orleans, LA

Check out ‘Fake Blood’ new single by Puerto Rican ensemble ÌFÉ extracted from their upcoming album 0000+0000, available from November 5th via Discos Ifá & Mais Um: https://grupoife.bandcamp.com “In a stunning live performance video, ÌFÉ returns with an explosive new track FAKE BLOOD – inspired in part by Adam Curtis’ HyperNormalization and…

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Mixes: Groovalizacion Radio Best Albums 2017

Last year Groovalizacion Radio selected monthly the best albums for you. What better way to celebrate the new year than looking back at these fine albums from 2017? Out of our selections, we distilled a top 20 from the past year. The higher the album is ranked, the more it is supported by our…

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Album Review: ÌFÉ – IIII + IIII [Discos Ifà – 31st March 2017]

There is an ancient city in south-west Nigeria named Ifè, the origins of which were sown by the seed of a palm tree planted by the god Oduduwa – an ancient Yoruba myth tells. ÌFÉ is also the name of the latest project of Mark Underwood, aka Otura Mun (whom we interviewed one year…

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Interview: Otura Mun – ÌFÉ (April 2016)

With just two songs and their videos, an unprecedented level of hype was created among Caribbean, African and also Latin music enthusiasts. That’s because ÌFÉ are one of the most surprising and promising new acts coming from the Puerto Rican music scene. As their Yoruba name reflects, they are all…

Artists: ÌFÉ

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