Daily Discovery: Sonido Gallo Negro – Santa Barbara (Live on KEXP)

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Album Review: Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Cosmico [Glitterbeat Records; 6th April 2018]

Mexico City’s Sonido Gallo Negro returns with their third album and keeps the exploration of Amazonian psychedelic music coming. Alongside the exhilarating cumbia sounds, they experiment with different sounds and textures such as mambo, cha-cha, porro and danzón; all of which add to the growing sound and reputation the instrumental…

Artists: Sonido Gallo Negro

Interview: Sonido Gallo Negro – Exploring the ‘Sonido Psicodélico’ Depths (May 2018)

Welcome to the mystic depths of Mexican music, where vintage cumbia intertwines itself with psychedelia, electronica, boogaloo and chicha, which sprout up into a visionary and mesmerising sound. Sonido Gallo Negro, a nine-piece combo from Mexico City, is undoubtedly one of the most successful and imaginative bands to emerge from…

Artists: Sonido Gallo Negro

Interview: Chris Eckman – Glitterbeat Records (December 2016)

When it comes to world music labels, you usually think about regional realities with a local or niche following. That’s not the case of Glitterbeat Records. The German project’s growth is in front of everyone’s eyes. From Mali and Tamikrest, back in 2012, they’ve widened their vision to South America…

Artists: Baba Zula , Bargou 08 , Dirtmusic , Sonido Gallo Negro , Tamikrest

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