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Album Review: Tamikrest – Tamotaït [Glitterbeat Records; March 2020]

Tamikrest is one of the familiar names to gain international success from the Northern areas of the Sahara desert, spanning Mali to Algeria and more. The centuries old nomadic inhabitants of this unforgiving land are the Tuareg, or (Kel) Tamasheq – such as Tamikrest, and they are a displaced people,…

Artists: Tamikrest

Interview: Tamikrest (May 2017)

Tamikrest always play pretty cool, eclectic music, with intricate layers of artistry. They blend rock and native music, native that is to West Africa. Their most recent album Kidal (released in March by Glitterbeat) is as cool as their music has ever been: a unique blend of poetry and instrumentals rocking out…

Artists: Tamikrest

Album Review: Tamikrest – Kidal [Glitterbeat Records, 17th March 2017]

For Glitterbeat Records, Tamikrest’s Kidal represents the perfect balance between the rock and meditative elements. The importance given to the message in the Tamashek language expresses the concerns of a marginalised people. The Tuareg people have a long history of hardship, oppression and insane control of political, economic and religious…

Artists: Tamikrest

Interview: Chris Eckman – Glitterbeat Records (December 2016)

When it comes to world music labels, you usually think about regional realities with a local or niche following. That’s not the case of Glitterbeat Records. The German project’s growth is in front of everyone’s eyes. From Mali and Tamikrest, back in 2012, they’ve widened their vision to South America…

Artists: Baba Zula , Bargou 08 , Dirtmusic , Sonido Gallo Negro , Tamikrest

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