We are excited to host a new monthly section on Rhythm Passport curated by the nice people, travellers by heart and music lovers at Hit The Road Music Studio

"Welcome to Hit The Road Music Studio and join us on our journey!

We travel the world in a camping car, fully equipped with a mobile record studio, recording artists and street musicians from all over the world for free. The idea behind our project is to help talented artists who can't afford a good audio/video quality. This is also our way to unite people with the global and peaceful language of music - the universal tone - each one is different but we are all equal.

Our pilot started in 2018: We traveled 12.000 km in one month from Poland to Morocco and back - with only eight mics and sleeping in our small car. The result was fantastic and we knew that this is what we want to do in our life. So, we hit the road in July 2019 and have wonderful, positive music, artists and stories to share with you.

You can follow and join us on our journey here...
- Hit the Road Music Studio Website
- YouTube Channel
- Hit The Road Music Studio Playlist
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Bandcamp
You can also book us for commercial projects via our webpage and SoundBetter

We are excited to have you on board and happy about every feedback, let's rock!" 
(Ady + Kasia
Hit The Road Music Studio)

Hit the Road Music Studio Episodes

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