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The Coal Porters @ Kings Place

Fri 23rd November 2012 - This event has already happened

The Coal Porters.jpg
The Coal Porters

Kings Place
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Venue Info

Region: London
Address: 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Starts: 20:00 - 21:00
Price: £9.5 - £12.5
Venue Url:
Event Url:

Music From

Continents: Europe, North America
Countries: United Kingdom, United States

Artist's / Dj's

The Coal Porters


Alt Bluegrass


Performance: Live
All Seated Event: No


RED ORANGE presents a night of alt-bluegrass with THE COAL PORTERS


Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Coal Porters, the world's first 'alt bluegrass' act.


The Coal Porters were formed in the 1990s by ex-Long Ryder Sid Griffin. Relocating from Los Angeles to London the band left its electric instrumentation behind and slowly mutated into the acoustic act they are today. In fact, the Coal Porters claim to be the world's first "alt-bluegrass" act, given as they take old themes and melodies and soup them up for the 21st century and their expanded listening audience.


Their story begins when native Kentuckian writer/author/broadcaster and ex-Long Ryder Sid Griffin, moved to London in the 1990s and hooked up with Scottish stand up comedian Neil Robert Herd (sound engineer on Wasp, Best Live Action Short Film winner at the 2004 Academy Awards.)


The duo started out playing electric, but quickly tired of hauling around amps and drums. As a result of a dare, The Coal Porters decided to play acoustic bluegrass versions of their material at a charity concert in London. The crowd reaction showed The Coal Porters had found their true calling and said goodbye to their electric set forever.


In their present form, The Coal Porters have a well earned reputation as a passionate, entertaining and exciting live band and one of the highlights of their sets is a Bluegrass reworking of The Undertones classic Teenage Kicks.


"Great harmony singing and memorable songs that often recall a British Flying Burrito Brothers or a back porch Ronnie Laine" Mojo Magazine

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