A Place Glowing A Brilliant Red


Mimika Mak Murtic Ensemble is a 9-piece eclectic jazz ensemble (sometimes extending to 17 piece) which bridges the gap between popular club music (drum'n'bass, breakbeat, hip hop), Balcan, Indo-Asian and other folklore/world music styles, contemporary fusions and Duke Ellington's/Charles Mingus' legacy of jazz writing and arranging altough with a different set of instruments. It was formed in 2010 by Croatian composer Mak Murtic and is made up of an international array of musicians currently living in and near London, UK, in effect using the city for what it is, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, diversely opinionated capital with a hectic atmosphere! :)

In September we are premiering a concert entitled A PLACE GLOWING A BRILLIANT RED dealing with themes of human species' historic and future advances, from agriculture to the exploration of Mars, and reflecting the story through current problems and highlights.

We would like to invite you to this event (it is free of financial charge), to hear this new ensemble and see the works in full as a performance with a contemporary dancer, choreographed by the original young choreographer Shevonne Clarke pinpointing the story and improvising through jazz solos.

So bring your spacesuits and....

MEMBERS - the ensemble is expanded for this performance with actors/singers, dancer and trumpets

Ella Jarman-Pinto - Soprano
Maja Rivic - Alto, acting
Shama Rahman- Alto, acting,Sitar
Adetokunbo Odusanya - Tenor
Ben David Jones - (soul) Baritone, acting 

Kevin Davy - trumpet
Geoff Bartholomew - trumpet
Rachael Birkin - violin
Shevonne Clarke - clarinet, percussion
John MacNaughton - clarinet, alto saxophone, percussion
Mak Murtic - tenor saxophone, percussion
Nathaniel Cross - trombone, percussion

Steve Parker - piano, percussion
Rohit Nijhawan - guitar(s)
Theon Cross - tuba
Ed Babar - doublebass
Chris Duffy - drums

Viktor Andersson

* compositions / arrangement - Mak Murtic
* choreography - Shevonne Clarke
* lyrics - Maja Rivic , Mak Murtic, Jiao Guo

Gordon Wedderburn, a reknown Brixton based radio jazz broadcaster will be DJ-ing before and between the sets.


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