Afla Sackey Presents: Ghana’s Highlife Groove


Ghana has a proud and long history as one of Africa’s richest musical hotbeds, thanks in part to its inception of ‘highlife’, a genre that originated in the early 20th century.

The Ghanaian Afla Sackey will be leading the show with special guest Huw Bennett (Susso/ Minyanta), an artist who produces rhythm-driven, dance-inducing music within London’s diverse music scene.

Under the guidance of Afla, some of London's more inspiring musicians will explore Ghana's style of Highlife, Funk and Afrobeat from the 60's - 80's, and marry it with their own contemporary Jazz sound that thrives in London, here and now.

Fuelled by mixture of jazzy horns, deep percussion and an uptempo, synth-driven sound, expect to hear reinterpretations of artists such as Ebo Taylor, C.K. Mann, Oscar Sulley as well original music from Afla Sackey himself.

Vocals / Percussion : Afla Sackey
Tenor Sax / Flute : Chelsea Carmichael
Trumpet : Johnny Woodham
Trombone : Rosie Turton
Guitar : Shirley Tetteh
Synths : Ben Hayes
Bass / Arrangements : Huw Bennett
Drums : Jake Long

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