Africaine 808, DJ Katapila, Cervo (Banana Hill)


Africaine 808 have explored the depths of musical genres and the boundaries of blending, mixing, and refining rhythm patterns and harmonies from around the globe. We can't wait to host their energetic live show at the Jazz Cafe, driven by their beloved Roland TR-808 analogue drum machine.DJ Katapila is a Ghanaian DJ/producer brought to recent popularity by Brian Shimkovitz's Awesome Tapes From Africa label, and who whose marathon, relentlessly joyful DJ sets have swiftly become a thing of legend, splicing the neo-traditional dance music styles of his youth in Accra with the uptempo, bass-heavy, Roland 808-rooted sounds of Detroit techno, Chicago acid and house.Alongside them will be Banana Hill's Cervo. Expect the unexpected from the selector, promoter and label owner who traverses afrocentric, global dance floor sounds from the past, present and future.

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Album Review: DJ Katapila – Trotro [Awesome Tapes from Africa, 19th February 2016]

DJ Katapila is a popular Ghanaian DJ and producer. In the context of Ghana’s pop music landscape, Katapila’s music is singular. His unique works would otherwise be unrecognised and under-celebrated, both in the west and his native Ghana, if it wasn’t for the diligent work of Brian Shimkovitz of Awesome…

Artists: DJ Katapila