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ts 27th year! The EFG London Jazz Festival remains the capital’s largest city-wide festival, with over 2,000 artists performing in 70 venues across London.

In Arts Canteen we're proud to present this 6-days celebration of Arab and Middle Eastern jazz of a mix of world-class artists and emerging stars and takes the music to a massive and ever-growing audience.

EFG London Jazz Festival has a reputation for bringing the best and freshest music to the capital, with a wide-ranging programme of concerts, commissions, club events, talks, and an expansive learning and participation programme.

Expect sounds from Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Turkey and beyond.

Line up:

15/11 Radif & Maqam Inspiration - EFG London Jazz Festival
16/11 Attab Haddad Quintet - EFG London Jazz Festival
17/11 Kareem Samara & Guests - EFG London Jazz Festival
21/11 Yaz Fentazi Trio and Guests - EFG London Jazz Festival
22/11 The Egyptian Legends - EFG London Jazz Festival
23/11 Olcay Bayir - EFG London Jazz Festival

Seated places are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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