Aziza Brahim + Fofoulah

Aziza Brahim jazz cafe

We are honoured to invite Western Saharan singer Aziza Brahim to The Jazz Cafe this October.

Her style fuses Saharawi roots with influences as diverse as jazz, rock, Spanish popular music, Afro-Latin rhythms and the blues. Her new album, Sahari, is due to come out on 15th November with Glitterbeat Records and is the result of her tireless work alongside Amparo Sánchez (Amparanoia, Calexico).

Born into the Sahrawi Desert Refugee Camp in 1976, her story defies belief and is a testament to her talent and character. Now exiled in Barcelona, Brahim's inimitable folk style is lauded all over the world as she promotes the resistance of her people and praises the role of women in the revolution of her homeland.

“Born in in the desolate Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria, Brahim uses her songs to bring attention to one of Africa’s forgotten tragedies. Cool, stately and soulful.”- The Guardian

Opening the night will be remarkable London based afro-dub ensemble Fofoulah.

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