Balothizer | Gipsydelica Live at 93 Feet East


- Balothizer and Gipsydelica joint forces for a night to be remembered!

"The Balkans is a mythical place where you can go to immense cultural depth or go wild with joy that's hard to explain.

Welcome to experience both extremes"

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Admission : £5

* Balothizer

Balothizer are an electric power trio emerging from Haringey, North London. In an area where cultures are constantly fused together, Haringey has been the birthplace of Balothizer's mixture of a dynamic, ethereal style of music which the band dub as Post Cretan. Their following however has come up with the tagline that defines their unique and powerful style of music … Cretan Music From Hell!

With their fusing of Cretan music and poetry traditions, along with heavy bass lines and thunderous drumming, Balothizer have been undertaking a series of high-powered shows, tours and festival dates across Europe, delivering their unique sound with an energy and ferociousness that has built them their strong and loyal following.

* Gipsydelica

The name says it all. Gipsydelica is a Balkan psychedelic ethno rock infusion, combining original songs with long forgotten gems mined from the treasure trove of Balkan folk.

The band is led by the boundlessly exuberant Miroslav Morski, a hero in his homeland of Bulgaria where he fronts Django Ze. His broad influences and understanding of multiple musical traditions make for a unique songwriter with an abundant imagination. The band is a real power trio of players whose roots run deep and whose vision runs wild.

For almost seven years, Gipsydelica have been a major force on East London's underground music scene, headlining at parties and festivals and well-known for their ability to whip any dancefloor into a whirling frenzy.

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