Brazilian funk legend Di Melo’s 1st European gig EVER!


What an absolute honor to host the legendary Brazilian singer Di Melo for his european debut at TRC !His most famous LP was the super funk eponymous album 'Di Melo' that came out in 1975 which includes club classics such as 'Kilario' or 'A Vida Em Seus Métodos Diz Calma'.40 years later, he's back to celebrate the release of his new single - A​.​E​.​I​.​O​.​U. after his latest classic Samba-Soul LP.Di Melo will be performin his classics as well the new (incredibly funky) new tunes produced by French brilliant combo Cotonete.Florian Pelissier of Cotonete speaks about the project: “On tour in Brazil with Cotonete, we had a few days off in Sao Paulo and I really hoped to make a collaboration with an important artist or band from the Brazilian funk scene. We had thought of Marcos Valle, Meta Meta or Ed Motta, but Rafaela Prestes our Brazilian "sound engineer/genius" told me: "I worked for the return of Di Melo in Rio 2 years ago, he rocks, he’s adorable and he lives in Sao Paulo - here’s his number, he would be perfect for Cotonete."No sooner said than done. I'm a huge fan of Di Melo and had already tried to contact him for Cotonete 6 years ago. The next day, on a Sunday, he arrives at our house with Jo, his wife, and Gabi, his daughter. He takes the guitar in front of us in the kitchen, and gives us a private show of 3 hours… We cried the tears of joy.He had 400 original songs never recorded - a gold mine. On the same night, we started working the arrangements for 2 days, followed by a rehearsal and two small gigs in Sao Paulo. Immediately after, we recorded in the magical Epsilon B studio. All with the participation of Gabi, his 10-year-old daughter, and future star.This album is the summary of this moment, of these 5 days of madness spent together between “the best band in the world” and the legend Roberto Di Melo… Simple, beautiful, Brazilian-French, human music…”Support and DJs TBATRC's sound system is kindly provided by the amazing EPA - EsotericProAudioWebsite: www.epasound.comInfo: [email protected] @EPAsoundUKInstagram: ukepasound

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