Claude Deppa presents: The Many Voices Of Miriam Makeba


“Her music inspired a powerful sense of hope in all of us” – Nelson Mandela

On South African Independence Day we celebrate the life and work of Mama Africa aka Miriam Makeba, in the company a specially commissioned band led by her very own trumpeter Claude Deppa.

Makeba became a global icon not just for bringing African music to a Western audience and popularising world music and Afropop (whilst winning a Grammy in the process), but as a civil rights activist, standing vehemently against the Apartheid regime of her home country.

Leading the show will be South African trumpeter Claude Deppa, who as well as playing with Miriam, also played alongside Manu Dibango, Louis Moholo, Dudu Pukwana and more.

Line up:

Claude Deppa – trumpet
Clare Hirst – saxes
Andrea Vicari – piano
Dorian Lockett – bass
Jordan Hatfield – drums
Special guest – Ruby Serame, voice of Ipi Tombi

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