Dash Arts and Nest Collective are thrilled to present dakhabrakha live in London in November.

This award-winning quartet of multi-instrumentalist singers, experiment with Ukrainian folk melodies and rhythms, mixing beautiful original material with minimalism. Founded by former underground theatre performers, DakhaBrakha possess an incredible stage presence that transcends its inspiring repertoire and instrumentation — which includes spacious vocals, accordion, bass drum, mouth harp and cello. The band gradually layers the leisurely crawl of the bow on the cello, the tapping rhythms of nomadic tribes, lyrical accordion and their beautiful polyphonic rural voices to create a large, ethno-jazz sound of absolute hypnotic persuasion.

DakhaBrakha were the stand-out stars of WOMAD when Dash Arts brought them in 2014, subsequently rocked Later with Jools Holland on the BBC in autumn 2015 and a sold-out Rich Mix and Glastonbury in June 2016.

Come and catch them for their only London appearance this year....

"The most unexpectedly successful, emotional performance (at WOMAD) came from a band featuring three women in furry stovepipe hats. DakhaBrakha are from Ukraine and matched edgy, eerie harmony vocals with concertina, cello and percussion work, in an exhilarating set that seemed to sum up their country's chaos and hope." Robin Denselow - Guardian

"....Insistent song melodies, gathered partly from the band's trips to Ukraine's villages, developed and made rich, fierce, dark and wild by overlaying and criss-crossing them, over grinding, propulsive textures of drums, wild cello, wheezing accordion, reedy-squealing zhaleika and bagpipe, bubbling trombone, narrowing focus to heart-rending, impassioned solo vocals. " Andrew Cronshaw fRoots Magazine.

"This is a phenomenal Ukrainian outfit, mixing genuine, ethnically specific material with minimalist jazz and the precision of techno-beats, too... They're making the natural folk music of the future." Afisha.ru
DakhaBrakha has played more than 400 concerts and performances and has taken part in numerous international festivals in across Europe, North and South America and Australia.


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