Echo Town + DJ Fenomeno Show


Echo Town play contemporary freedom songs and are well know for their vibrant performance style. Afterwards it's vinyl specialist Fenomeno Show on the decks!

♬♬ Echo Town ♬♬

UK South West based band Echo Town consists of free spirited brothers Ric and Rob Harrison. Recognised for their vibrant and energetic performances, contemporary freedom songs and use of multi instruments such as lap-slide guitar, djembe, didgeridoo and harmonica. The audience are often surprised to find such a full sound emanates from only two musicians.

Originally playing music of the heavy rock genre in their earlier years, the Leeds born duo moved on to develop a more harmonious and spiritual approach to music in the past five years as they creatively matured and grew into the upbeat band Echo Town we know them as today.

"… As if John Butler's lapsteel, Xavier Rudd's social commentary and Jack Johnson's catchy pop ideals have all been fused by the hands of two British songwriters." - Richard Cadence (

“They blast out a goodtime, uplifting and contemporary view of modern life and it is easy to hear why the duo are often an immediate hit when performing live. Highly promising.” – Keith Ames (The Musician Magazine)

♬♬ Fenomeno show ♬♬

Old school vinyl selection serving a 360° view of reggae music from Ska, Rocksteady, Roots,Rub-a-Dub, Dub to new roots and Dancehall, as well as Afrobeat, World Music, special remixes and bass-culture in general.

FREE before 9pm, £3 after

Twitter: @FoxFirkin
Instagram: @foxandfirkin
316 Lewisham High St, SE13 6JZ

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