EFG London Jazz Festival: Chiminyo

chiminyo thegrace

DHP Family & EFG London Jazz Festival presents

+ Pete Yelding

The Grace
Friday 15th November 2019


Chiminyo is the solo project of Tim Doyle, drummer and percussionist of Cykada, Maisha, Hector Plimmer and more. The innovative and inventive nature Chiminyo sets Tim apart as a unique musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His debut EP ‘I Am Chiminyo‘, produced by Ben Hayes and released on Gearbox Records earlier this year is an exploration of “ethereal arpeggios, thumping acid bass lines and heavy beats”.

Taking mankind’s first instrument for dance music, the drum, and linking it to the most contemporary, the laptop, Chiminyo is exploring what it is that makes us move. With each crash of the cymbal or thump of the kick drum a cascade of brilliant electronic sounds are triggered and generated by Chiminyo’s self-designed software. This innovative set up allows him to be in complete control, freeing him from all loops, click-tracks and backing tracks.

Every synth, sample and sound effect is performed live and in real time. Tim is three years into the Chiminyo project and a stage at EFG London Jazz Festival is thoroughly deserved, and will be wonderfully exciting for those who attend.

Pete Yelding on support, is a cellist, sitarist and vocalist who comes from a long family line of travelling performers. His unique musical voice draws predominantly from his training in North Indian Classical music and from growing up learning to improvise with Griots from West Africa. He has devised a style of playing that combines his cello, sitar and vocal techniques to create intricate melodies and visceral textures, which shape soulful songs, pieces and improvisations.

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