Fanfare Ciocarlia


Fusing infectious, lightning-fast melodies, thunderous drums, unbridled brass and a mischievous, captivating stage presence, Fanfare Ciorcarlia are unparalleled live performers. Described by The Times as "a heavy, heavy monster of sound" and by The Evening Standard as ''the best live band in the world'', Fanfare Ciocarlia have taken their eerie Balkan groove into venues, festivals and dance clubs across the planet.


Fanfare Ciocarlia live blast appealing to punks and headbangers, jazz and funk fans, world music aficionados and those who simply love music that sounds absolutely unique. The Romanian's breakneck speed, technical chops, ripping rhythms and sweet and sour horns is quite different from any other brass band on earth. Everyone who heard Fanfare Ciocarlia agreed on one thing – no brass band had ever played as fast as this before. Make that two things: no brass band had ever sounded like this before!


Their story begins in October 1996 when German record producer Henry Ernst visited Zece Prajini, a small village in northeastern Romania, and rallied a number of its native musicians to assemble a touring band. The musicians named the band Fanfare Ciocârlia: Fanfare being a French word that in Romanian is used to describe a brass band; Ciocârlia being the Romanian word for the skylark.


From their humble beginnings playing weddings, funerals in their hometown of Zece Prăjini, Fanfare have travelled far and wide, entertaining huge audiences across the globe. 'A timeless yet wholly contemporary treasure' says The Independent. Their radical reinterpretations of popular Western standards – including the James Bond Theme and Duke Ellington's Caravan – show how the Romanian orchestra effortlessly "Gypsify" any music they get their horns on. 'Fanfare Ciocarlia are's the furious brass work and the intriguing, playful blend of European and Asian themes with jazz or rock that makes them special!' says The Guardian. Fanfare Ciocarlia were commissioned by Sacha Baron Cohen to cut biker anthem Born To Be Wild for the Borat soundtrack, their music can be heard on adverts by Ilkea and The Guinness Arthur's Day Campaign and they have been sampled and covered, championed and emulated, by countless DJs, bands and Gypsy orchestras.


The Fanfare Ciocarlia' latest album, Devil's Tale (released January 2014 on Asphalt Tango Records) is a collaboration with Canadian guitarist Adrian Raso, and a meeting between the eastern force field of Balkan brass and Gypsy jazz guitar. Other Fanfare Ciocarlia releases include Balkan Brass Battle (Asphalt Tango Records, 2011), Queens & Kings (asphalt Tango Records, 2008), Gili Garabdi – Ancient Secrets of Gypsy (Asphalt Tango Records, 2005).


In March 2015, Fanfare Ciocarlia return to the UK for their first UK tour since 2008, marking a very special date in the world music calendar. This is a very rare opportunity to experience this phenomenal, authentic Gypsy brass band in intimate venues.

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Artists: Fanfare Ciocarlia

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