Flute Concert By Omar Acosta


Thursday 18 August.
Omar Acosta
Solo Flute Concert
Special guest:
Nuria Cazorla, bailaora flamenco
Cuatro, Leo Rondon
FREE ENTRY. RSVP at [email protected]

Flute player and composer Omar Acosta presents an intimate proposal with a spiritual, fresh and energetic character. He evokes rhythms, melodies and passages influenced by different latitudes.

This will be a concert, but there will also be dance, so that two of the eldest artistic manifestations of humanity can be brought together.

This concert is the summary of travels and experiences lived and expressed with a flute.


SOLO DE PAJARILLO Joropo from the plains of Venezuela

NATALIA Venezuelan waltz

FLUTE PASSAGE Song of the plains of Venezuela

LA COMPARSA Cuban Danzón

SOLA Intro and tangos flamencos

CANTO DE ORDEÑO Traditional Venezuelan song to milk cows

ALEGRIAS Alegrias flamencas

* All songs were composed by Omar , Except Natalia, by Antonio Lauro; Canto de ordeño by Antonio Estevez and La Comparsa by Ernesto Lacuna. All musical arrangements by Omar Acosta.

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