Folk-punk 4 Radio Ava: Sharp Knives, Efa Supertramp + more!

folk punk radio ava

Sharp Knives are a Lisbon based DIY anarcho-folk punk band. Transposing our hopes, fears, doubts, frustrations, inconsistencies & dreams to words, screaming them out loud as self-empowerment, travelling and playing, we hope to create an affinity network of friends, while standing together against all forms of authority, coercion & oppression.

Efa Supertramp is a folk-punk grrrl armed with just an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. She regularly tours across Europe appearing at festivals, bars, squats, venues, living rooms and street corners to perform her songs.

Manifiesta is a UK musician based in Latin America, performing Cumbia-Dub Balkan-Jungle fusion live on accordion with original electronic production, to create a uniquely bizarre live show. Mixing Balkan and Klezmer melodies with Cumbia rhythms, while raised on Punk and 'UK-bass', Manifiesta's electic sounds back up a radical message within danceable beats.

This nomadic busker is back in London and ready to rock your sox off with some originals and some Britney covers!

Poems by the feral diva Glittasphyxia, with her tales of love, sex, adventure and mental health.

No one turned away for lack of funds, but this is a benefit for Radio Ava who are currently in need of funds so please donate what you can....
"Radio AvA is for and by sex workers and allies. A cultural community space broadcasting our voices. A framework through which we can express explore and expand our talents, share our spectrum of experiences, improve our safety, vent, reflect, critique and celebrate.cropped-logo_red.jpg

Radio AvA is here for us to be heard. To debunk myths. To give non Sex Workers direct access to information and knowledge about our realities, our struggles, our demands. It is a political tool to fight intersectional oppression and stigma."