Gypsy Disco presents ‘The Masked Carnival’


Join us at London's wildest theatrical party as ~Gypsy Disco~ open up their doors once again to invite you into their sanctuary of colour, magic and debauchery!

Friday 19th April
The Islington Metal Works (Angel)
9pm – 5am
£12 / £15 / £17 / £20 (OTD)

★★★★ The Masked Carnival★★★★
Calling all Mavericks, Mystics, Sinners and Reprobates; bring your stilettos, head dresses and colourful cat suits as the Carnival is in town for 1 night only! Party with us until the sun rises as you lose your inhibitions and sense of self.

Let the Gypsy Disco family takes you on a journey into enlightenment, pleasure and ecstatic sensation! Split over 3 rooms, you have the chance to join your tribe, wear your colours and interact with all the intimate, immersive and extravagant experiences that we have in store for you!

Expect to hear the most enticing Latin, Disco & Afrobeats seeking to withdraw you from reality as we resurrect the traditions of carnival fused with gender-bending performance, dark and dirty dancing and colourful explosions of expression! We present interactive experiences, roaming characters, secret corners and gin fuelled hedonistic behaviour! Welcome to the Masked Carnival!

🕺 Room 1: The Tropical Bazaar ✳💃🏿
Live Bands & Alluring DJs

Nestled into a delicious natural enclave, find yourself intoxicatingly moved by the rhythmic sound of our musicians and DJ's. Embrace the magical realism that the environment creates and allow your senses to get overloaded with the smells, colours and characters that present themselves to you!

Afro Cluster
Utilizing cuts, a full horn section and rhythm section as well the MC stylings of Skunkadelic, they’ve been frequently described as having a colossal sound and an explosive live show.

The Balkanoes
The Balkanoes energy will guarantee a Balkan bash of mammoth proportions. Moving seamlessly from traditional klezmer to gypsy grooves and unique takes on well-known classics, this ferociously fine 9-piece band mix up a goulash of Balkan brass and fiddle with klezmer flavours so to create a hot, soulful party music that always gets audiences dancing with joy!

Gypsy Disco Soundsystem (Baile Funk, Cumbia & Tropical Bassline)

Racubah (Astro Tropical Funk)

🎭 Room 2: The Colourful Cave 🎭
Life Drawing // Story Telling Den // Massage Parlour // Sensory Games // Body Painting // Market Stalls

Find yourself lost in a flurry of glorious activities, workshops and devilish characters that will tease, taunt and tantalise your warped perception of yourself!

💋 Room 3: The Honey Trap 💋
Drag // Debauchery // Dutty Bassline

This is where our late night libertines and rascals run wild! Join your fellow Klub Kids, Kinksters & Tainted Ticklers for a delicious experience of heavy rotational movements, glamour and sass! Participate in ritualistic ceremonies, spontaneous dance aerobics, raunchy cabaret, provocative games and cat walk commotions!

BoomBox Committee (Garage, Bassline & Ghetto Funk)

Asher (Dirty Disco & Fabulous Funk)

🍭Dress Code:🍭
Sequins, Harnesses & Colourful Textures! You will be able to buy from our selected clothing brands before as well as during the event. Check back on the event page to find out more!


Gypsy Disco is an interactive creative event production company specialising in immersive playful experiences, innovative music platforms and multi-sensory entertainment.�

Our events are inclusive, welcoming and safe spaces to explore and celebrate life! We are run solely on good vibes and have zero tolerance towards any bad behaviour so be sure to bring in your most flourishing and respectable self to our establishment. Any questions feel free to message us!


Gypsy Disco
FB: @gypsydisco / IG: @gypsy_disco / TW: @gypsydisco1

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