Inanna-rama – Night of the Goddess

Inanna-rama – Night of the Goddess

Join us at Passing Clouds for a female-led night of ecstatic live music to celebrate the NIGHT OF THE GODDESS!!

Before patriarchal religion took over and made it unlucky, Friday the 13th belonged to the Great Goddess, known by many names including Isis, Astarte, Nut, Nammu, Ninmah, Ishtar and Inanna.

With 13 lunar cycles in a year, and Friday associated with goddesses Freya, Venus and Aphrodite, this night was all about celebrating the Divine Feminine in all its’ glory and we at Passing Clouds think it’s about time we brought the juicy woman vibes back to Friday the 13th!

DRESS CODE: Full-on Goddess attire strongly recommended whatever your gender identity!



(Eastern Psychedlia/Turkish Turbo Folk)

Dila V & The Odd Beats are all about multinational hip shimmying gypsy folk and roots from far away lands.

Fronted by the spellbinding Dila Vardar, this Bosporus-straddling blend of Turkish folk and irresistible Balkan dance beats comes with sinuous hints of Greek Rebetiko amongst other tasty world music flavours.

(New Orleans Swing Chaotica!)

Impeccable and baffling French Music delivered with exuberance and panache!

Garance & The Mitochondries are a spellbinding dirty-tango/ rock'n'roll band that haunt the margins between Tom Waits, Edith Piaf and 60s French pop, informed by charming burlesque, cabaret flourishes and sublime gypsy accordion touches. Let them dance into your dreams."

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(Soul-reggae on a ukulele)

Nakisha Esnard is a Musician Poet from Bedfordshire.
She has a mixed genre style of Reagge/Soul in her sound, and her personality is every bit part of her performance as the music is. Nakisha has been touring now over the last 2 years, playing shows all over the UK. She has also recently ventured out into theatre, performing and writing for Cabaret shows. Her mixed Genre style, stems from her mixed culture and she wholeheartedly embraces both her British side and her Caribbean heritage. She plays a variety of instruments, but her current instrument of choice is the Ukulele. It gives a great island sound for the reggae and her soulful voice resonates well with her chosen chords. Her ability to freestyle and interact with her audiences are a big part of why Nakisha’s shows are unique."

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(Gypsy dub)

The original Balkan girl, she's been blasting Balkan Gypsy tunes and Electro Swing beats for over a decade!

(Disco Funk)

Lizard Stage resident DJ Vantoosh keeping us on our twinkling toes with her special blend of electro-funk, disco-punk and slinkcore!


An archetypal muse swimming in sound waves, Jung Girl is ready to pull some serious jungle tracks out her sleeve and end the night STRONG with some filthy DnB.


From the point of view of her intergalactic space base, Dopamina sees no borders on the Earth's surface, exploring the future of global bass music through strong basslines and eclectic folk samples.

(Middle Eastern Mayhem)

DJ Ossi combines uplifting beats from all around the world, taking you on a journey following the sun from the Middle East to North Africa and all the way to Latin America and The Caribbean!"

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Belly dancing with Ossi from 7:30-8:15pm!

And more TBA!


Hosted by FEDZILLA!!!! (Wara, Beatroots)



Free before 9pm, £5 before 10pm, £10 after
1 Richmond Road


Event link:

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