KARAMA @ Underbelly of Hoxton

Souf Haruna Fuen for Rhythm passport

With a musical landscape of tones from the East and West; KARAMA was formed by Moroccan Oud player composer Soufian Saihi in 2011. His compositions fuse tradition with modernity, finding inspiration from the sacred Gnawa music, North African and Classical Arabic music.KARAMA’s songs tell the story of the immigrant, the homeless, technology and the Arab Spring. Their music wonders brilliantly through diverse sonic landscapes, meditative, funky and beautifully melodic.

An amazing fusion of instruments and band members from all over the planet:

Soufian Saihi - Oud

Haruna Komatsu - Clarinet

Elizabeth Nott Ambrosio - Percussion

Riad Abji - Bass

Adam Teixeira - Drums

Fuensanta Zambrana - Violin

Nathan Mansfield - Trumpet

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