Kefaya + Elaha Soroor – Album launch الهه سرور- كفايه

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Super excited to announce that we will host a launch party for our new album " Songs Of Our Mothers " at Rich Mix London on October 9th 2019. Tickets only £5!


Afghan singer Elaha Soroor and award-winning band Kefaya, (Giuliano Modarelli, Al MacSween and Joost Hendrickx) join forces for a mighty and mesmerizing new album, Songs Of Our Mothers; a fresh, vibrant take on Afghan folk music filtered through myriad forms, from spiritual jazz and dub to Indian classical music and electronica.

The album is a collection of folk songs traditionally performed by Afghan women, drawing on Elaha’s own experience of fleeing Afghanistan and the struggle faced by many other female artists. The US and Western-backed regimes that came to dominate Afghanistan in the latter part of the 20th century created a climate of heightened patriarchal oppression and persecution of women.
The album is out on Bella Union on 27th Sept 2019.

This live show will be featuring:
Elaha Soroor - vocal
Giuliano Modarelli - guitar
Al MacSween - keyboard/synth
Joost Hendrickx - drums
Gurdain Singh Rayatt - tabla
Camilo Tirado - sound/live electronics
and many more guests...

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