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As far as we can go back through the history of the Tuaregs - a name that has been added to them, themselves preferring "Kel Tamashek" - we find the struggles of a people to preserve their nomadic status, free of borders.

This album is entirely infused with an energy that never sleeps; that of the revolution against oppressions and injustices, be it in the time of colonialism, or today, through a much more insidious seizure (but well real). That of the multinationals who come to extract the precious raw materials essential to the comfort of Western societies, to the detriment of the local populations.

This spirit of resistance is unceasing, as the song Alyochan recalls - revolution is an awareness and a watch of every moment - it slips between the lines of a wistful song like Tamatant (resistance is a duty, shame on all who say that revolution is not a duty, a duty for all Tuareg, remember the dark years, when Amghar revolted, without water or containers ...) while the fiery Tenere is actually a nostalgic ode to a mysterious being - Sahara and blues haunt me, like the memory of a tattooed hand. Remembering a mysterious brunette ...

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