Korean Sounds


This concert focuses on the dramatic genres – opera from the West and Pansori (musical storytelling) from the East. In the first half of the concert,  Korean pansori singers perform excerpts from pansori literature, including three love songs from the most famous pansori, Chunhyangga.

Mancheobcheongsan Sarangga (love song) from Chunhyangga

Jajin Sarangga (love song) Ibsechang from Chunhyangga


Farewell song and Ssukdaemeori from Chunhyangga

Namdo minyo heungtaryeong

Reunion between a father and his daughter from Simcheongga

Eunhye Jung pansori singer

Sukki Yoon pansori singer

Taeyong Kim percussion

Part of K-Music 2017

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