Magnus Öström


Award winning Jazz drummer Magnus Öström who was previously a member in one of the biggest jazz bands in the world presents his follow up, Searching for Jupiter concert with an excellent backup band playing aside.


It took two years for Ostrom to find his way back to music after a tragic event ended his close companion, pianist Ebsjorn Svensson five years earlier. They had stormed the jazz world since 1993with E.S.T. - the Esbjörn Svensson Trio till the trio faced a fate that was irreversible.


Since then, Magnus released his first solo album, Thread of Life. It is a work of mourning, adorned with melancholy, which seeks its own path, falling back on art-rock and electronic elements and a closer link to sounds than melodies. It was so impressive; Öström won the 2012 Echo Jazz Award for Best International Drummer. BBC Radio 3 said of Öströms post-E.S.T on ACT: "What an utterly beautiful and compelling album this is. The playing is immaculate, the compositions truly inspired, the arrangements magical."


Öström has returned presenting his follow-up, Searching for Jupiter, which was recorded at Stockholm´s well-known Atlantis studio with engineer Janne Hansson, and Ake Linton mixing the tracks at Bohus Sound Recordings in Gothenburg. His loss is still palpable in heavy, yearning tracks like Mary Jane Doesn't Live Here Anymore or Hour of the Wolf, but Öström has taken some decisive steps forward. He now has a strong and tight band together with guitarist Andreas Hourdakis, bassist Thobias Gabrielson and pianist Daniel Karlsson.


They are ready to fill Liverpool's Jazz lovers with the blissful sounds of jazz and electronic elements at The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool. Grab your Jazz hat and get your tickets!

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