Malika Collective / Chiminyo / DJ Conrad Olende


Some incredible talent for you tonight - headlining it's the Malika Collective bringing you some Afro Latin Psy grooves, with support from rhythmic genius Chiminyo and a bootyshaking set from Conrad Olende!

♬ Malika Collective ♬

Formed in South London - we are a musical collective that play dance music created from a fresh fusion of psychedelic rhythms. Drawing influences from Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Bossa Nova, Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Soul, and Rock

♬ Chiminyo ♬

Chiminyo creates fresh and exciting electronic dance music in a revolutionary way that’s been blowing crowd’s minds across London. Using technology he developed himself, he uses his drum kit to play the music he has composed on his laptop. The result is a rhythmically rich, infectiously groovy and visually stimulating, live, one-man show that’s sure to get any party pumpin’

♬ DJ Conrad Olende ♬

DJ Conrad has been squeezing the funkiest bootyshakin goodies of all shapes, sizes & genres out of the decks for more years (decades) than he cares to mention ~ going all around the houses to keep your hips swaying, he'll throw pretty much anything into the mix so long as it's...brilliant!

FREE before 9pm, £5 after

Twitter: @FoxFirkin
Instagram: @foxandfirkin
316 Lewisham High St, SE13 6JZ

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