Mishti Dance at Balabam

Mishti Dance Balabam

Mishti Dance @ Balabam

Mishti Dance comes to Balabam for a night of
sounds from and inspired by the Asian

EARTHTRIBE (One Off Reunion Show)

Architects of the Asian Underground, Earthtribe
return for a one off reunion show with their
alchemy of influences, a breathless tour of global
beats which brings in hip hop, drum + bass,
techno, jazz reggae and funk flavours, central to
this is their Indian and African inspirations;
music of head-spinning abandon which reacts to
create an ethno-cyber funk experience.

Foundation) w/ RAMJAC and BANTU

Started in 2018, DHANGSHA the electronic
project of Aniruddha Das, a.k.a. “Dr Das,” bassist
and co-founder of Asian Dub Foundation.
As Dhangsha, Aniruddha creates edgy
soundscapes characterised by modulating
synths hijacked from techno, underpinned by
heavy off-kilter beats and mangled with a dub/
noise sensibility. This is a return to his roots in
experimental rhythm and noise, going back over
30 years, pre-dating his involvement with dub.

He normally performs solo, improvising with
hardware instruments to deliver a militant
collision of alien frequencies and terrestrial bass.
For this gig however, he’ll be joined by long term
friends and collaborators Ramjac on congas and
Bantu on additional electronics.
The first Dhangsha album "Future Tense" is
released on cassette and digital download
through Bandcamp June 2019.
Instagram: dhangsha7007
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dhangsha


UK producer & DJ, Juttla has been a driving force
in the Asian electronic music scene for three
decades. Founder of the well-respected label
Eastern Pressure Recordings, Juttla has been
actively releasing music since his debut release
back in the early 1990’s. His debut album ‘Angels,

Aliens & Assassins’ solidified him in the scene
and led to him playing live at Glastonbury
Festival and at venues/festivals all over the UK,
as well as rocking dance-floors in Africa, Holland,
Belgium, Poland, France, Italy & Sicily. He has
also had support from various DJ’s and shows on
BBC Radio One, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network
and as a producer has done official remixes for
Marshall Jefferson, Asian Dub Foundation,
Foreign Beggars, Y2K Records, Grand Ruckus &
Genesis Elijah, Wayward Soul and many more.
Juttla has now featured on over one hundred
releases and continues to move forward on his
musical journey pushing the boundaries of


Proprietor of ‘Mishti Dance’ and presenter on
SOAS Radio, DJ Isuru is known as an alchemist
because of his obsession with deconstructing
music and song structures to uncover hidden,
cross-pollination links between genres. He
specialises Bahngra, Bashment, Breakbeat and

Acid House but more specifically the philosophy
of the Asian Underground.

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