Red Sky At Night With The Jamboree Collective!


Every Monday at Jamboree a tight-knit collective of musicians conduct the audience through the evening from attentive folk and blues appreciators to a joyous rabble dancing and cavorting to uplifting Americana, Gypsy Swing and Balkan. Below are some of the evening's regular beloved act's


~Adam Beattie & The Consultants~

Adam Beattie and the Consultants are pure folk and blues cross-pollinated with folk-rock and a tiptoeing layer of dirty blues. The core of the bands arrangement is Adam Beattie's calm and understated lead vocals akin to that of Adam Green, with the deeply planted wise roots of the likes of Leonard Cohen. Their lullaby like melodies are full of meaning without being self-indulgent, notably 'A song of 100 years'. Their music transcends into punchier folk rhythms such as "All I Know".


Their live performances are diverse exposing the bands subtle folky nature as well as their darker side in which the band throw themselves into an emotional performance of helter-skelter violin playing, heavy twisted electric guitar and cutting drums which remains tasteful and heartfelt in the peripherals of folk-rock, comparable to the likes of Neil Young. Their sound is traditionally crafted yet they are contemporary and innovative, which is a potent mix for success.


~Sky Murphy & The General~
Sky Murphy and The General bring you a hybrid style of 1960's red-blooded instrumental dance music dominated by electric guitars teasing out exotic scales and plunging into thick chunky tones and riffs, producing SURF BEAT. Their sound is tamed by an undertone of Lo-Fi 90's Rock with influences such as The Eels, and Beck, providing a substantially heavier depth and feeling to their full of life sound. This lively group are inspired by British Rock and Roll bands of the 60's such as The Beatles, Small Faces, and The Kinks' giving their surf sprinkled music another layer of musical expanse, and those cardinal rockin kick's that have the joint twisting the night away!


~Garance and The Mitochondries ~

Garance Louis is a song writer and accordionist from rural southern France. Her quirky performance style invokes in one's mind the scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when Sally Anne Howes is a spellbinding and curious wind-up doll on a music box, albeit Garance is even more of a kaleidoscopic and captivating animation on stage. Her expressive visage that is comedic and ever charming has taken influence from her time as an accordionist spent in Gifford's travelling circus. As an accordionist she crafts a rickety and beautiful European sound accompanied by her charming, traditional French Folkloric song & progressive gypsy music.


~Brooke Sharkey~

Inspired by gypsy blues and country folk music, Brooke Sharkey is a dedicated troubadour who has carved out an exciting musical niche with expressive and spiralling vocals of delicate English and French ballad's. The themes in her song-writing are achingly personal, presenting the tribulations of life and complex intimacies in all their vibrant, heart-breaking glory.


~Into The Moon~
A young American lunatic with a big electric sound, anthems in his voice, a ravishing French violinist with a gypsy heart, and an seductively smart drummer lure you into a musical dream sequence splattered with laughter and sparkled with tears.


With their ears well steeped in the sounds of İstanbul, the trio is digging deep for the raw materials that will be shaped into their first album, currently in the works with Charlie VDE at Farra Vox studıo (Paris).



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