Rhythm Passport Presents: BKO Quintet & Jupiter Okwess


BKO Quintet are something of an anomaly in African music.

Whilst they indeed pay their respects to the Malian traditions from which they have grown, they have offered a very different perspective on West African music, with a loud, rock 'n' roll approach that makes for a thrilling live show experience.

Pioneering artists in their songwriting, they were first and still are the only band to dare to mix the music of two centuries-old castes: griot (storytellers and musicians) and donso (hunters). Having worked with Oumou Sangare and Salif Keita in the past, this is one quintet that do not lack in musical chops.

Jupiter & Okwess International’s international debut album Hotel Univers takes you right into the heart and onto the streets of modern day Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Band leader Jupiter Bokondji is the charismatic and outstanding representative of the innovative scene of street musicians in Kinshasa - his idea is to reactivate the forgotten rhythms and melodies of Congo, by injecting the urban groove of the city.

* Please note: this show has been moved from The Jazz Cafe. All original tickets still valid.

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