Rumpus Vol.10 – A Very Royal Jubilee


The United Kingdom Of Great Creatures And Magical Menageries Invites you to:

A Very Royal Jubilee


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Your presence is hereby requested by Her Majesty Queen Rumpus at a gala celebration of her second anniversary as Monarch of London's Nightlife.


Featuring a full night's entertainment fit for our Beloved Queen; there will be much tomfoolery from our court jesters, The Royal Sideshow Circus, and all manner of fanfares from the very best troubadours from across the Kingdom.


Our most gallant Knights of the Empire, FLUFFY LOGIC will return from their questing in far away lands to bring you a room full of Adventures; Those eternal ne'er-do-wells the CARNY VILLAINS have finally been captured and will be made to perform for your delectation; Whereas those thoroughly pleasant chaps from FRANKIE AND THE JACKS will play for you if just ask them nicely enough; Royal DJs DR MALAKA and SACHA DIEU will represent on the wheels of Steels; and all time favourites like Her Majesty's Most Royal Kazoo Orchestra (wear a hat) and the Ball Pool will of course be in attendance.


Spread across 7 rooms, each of which will be filled to positively bursting with high-octane, non stop, over-the-top Grade A FUN, this is going to the last Rumpus of the Season, before we all disperse for the summer. Come down and celebrate our second birthday in the most Royal fashion imaginable!


See you on the dancefloor!


Santi & Malaka

Get your diaries out for a MEGA announcement: Rumpus will be crossing the River on 5th October for a SuperMegaQuantumRumpusOfDoom! Expect 10 rooms and more Rumpus madness than you could possibly even consider handling.


(More acts to be announced)


Room 1 – The Throne Room
The Carny Villians – Hailing from Bristol's Invisible Circus, expect all out musical mayhem!

Sanjuro – Spreading their gypsy rock mojo wherever they go

Kiwistar & Josh Et Le Chat – The swingiest electroswing there is

Sacha Dieu (Stranger than Paradise) – An Explosive mix of Balkan, Gypsy, Klezmer, and Cumbia

Dr Malaka – The Prince Charming of the Balkan Scene!


Room 2 – The Fluffy Logic Birthday Surprise
Nice stuff to look at, talk nonsense, dance till dawn... it'll be lovely

Music – Toby Lyons, Matt Scott & Disco Patrick will keep you bouncing all night

Decor – Hannah Geller ensures it's a feast for your eyes as well as your ears

Visuals – Visual artist Zach Walker performing on a custom installed multi-screen set up throughout
Lighting – Live light illuminations dancing to the beats from Toby P


Featuring The Ball Pool!!!


Room 3 – Dancefloor Dukes and Party Princesses
Frankie and the Jacks – Wailing harmonicas and screeching fiddles combine to MAKE 'EM DANCE!


Bethnal Dreams (Stumblin Slims)- Time Out's Kate Hutchinson spinning red-hot rockabilly, raucous rock 'n' roll and sweet soul

The Secretary – A whole set of a little thing we like to call ROCK

The Roustabouts – Devilish Dandies, spinning sounds from bygone eras and exotic lands


Room 4 – The Right Royal Courtyard


The Right Royal DJ The Alchemist – Choons fit for a coronation!

The Right Royal Rubbish Sideshow – Jesters and jesterings!

The Right Royal Kazoo Orchestra – Wear a hat!
Ecuador The Right Royal Wizard – Majestic Magics!
The Right Royal Hairy Poppins – Queenly Coiffeurs!
The Right Royal Rainbow Collectors – Birthday Shenanigans!

The Right Royal Rumpus TV – Is it a TV show? Is it performance art? Is it pure silliness?


Room 5 – Let Them Eat Cake
All night musical revelry from Dakota Jim And His Family Orchestra


Featuring Blondie's World Famous Art Exhibition and Emporium


Room 6 – The Rumpus Cinema
Live visuals fit for a Queen!


Dress Code Suggestions:
Coronation Chicken; Birthday cake; Monarchs; Empresses; Pass The Parcel; Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived; MORECAKE; DanceFloor Dukes & Party Princesses; Plebeians; Knights Errant & Sexy Squires; Beefeaters; Let Them Eat Cake; Jacobins; Warts and All; All The Queen's Horses & All The Queen's Men

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