Rumpus Vol.9 – Tomorrow’s Party Today


The Future has arrived, and it's all Dancefloors, Tails and Strict Party Discipline.


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Rumpus is going where no Party has gone before: into a post-apocalyptic, dystopian Future, and it's dragging you along for the ride. You have a choice: adhere to the strict rules of the Party and help the People's Party of Rumpus to achieve yet more Glory, or join the underground resistance and break the Party's iron-fisted grip on Beats, Beasts and Dancefloors.


Conform or Rise up!


Joining us on the Dance-based battlefields of the future are mighty, thunderous bands such as Badger Badger and Jarade Por Fuera. We're bringing musical movements to the masses with Barking Bateria's explosive live Samba and with Cut-A-Shine's anarchic Punk Ceilidh. The Finest DJ's are polishing the records in preparation of the coming showdown, and we've got more of the usual Rumpus shenaniganism from The Rubbish Sideshow Circus and the Travelling Tavern's Proper Music For Proper Dancing! Also, our dear friends from Ubertown are coming along for the ride, bringing us Mad Marx - a mashed up musical vision of days to come.


See you on the dance floors!


Santi & Malaka

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Room 1 – Party Headquarters
Obedience is the key to Enjoyment

  • - Badger Badger – Animalistic, percussion-heavy dubstep, jungle, disco and rap samba! (
  • - Worldly Savages – Contagious Folk-Punk Energy with Ethno Music Spiciness.
  • - Fred Balkayou- Unrelenting Balkan Sonik sounds!
  • - Trips For Biscuits- Live Electroswing from our favourite Max the Sax and Friends
  • - Dr Malaka – The mysterious leader of the Resistance is known only as “Malaka”…


Room 2 – Mad Marx

Post Apocalyptic Beats


Featuring everybody’s favourite bit of grown-up childhood nostalgia, The Ball Pool


Room 3 – Rebel Fortress
Underground Musical Resistance for the Masses
Kommissar Le Croix will be leading you to victory!


  • - The Rubbish State Sideshow - The greatest show on Earth!
  • - Cut-A-Shine – The revolution will start with a Punk Ceilidh
  • - Jarade Por Fuera – A blend of Rumba-Flamenco enriched with Reggae, Swing and Hip Hop
  • - DJ PennyMetal – Inspiring uprisings with her Russian Folk Tunes
  • - DJ Tashick – A Nostalgic B2B set of pure 90's pop. Coz we can!

Room 4 – The Rehabilitation Camps
DJ The Alchemist sets the musical scene for the coming revolution!

Spaceman Cat will be handing out Party Propaganda and delivering your secret messages
Hand painted portraits by Scorchpad
Cowlicks and shaggy manes styled by Hairy Pop-ins
Watch out for the Intergalactic Post Apocalyptic Dance Squad!

Face & Body Painting Stalls

Room 5 – The Travelling Tavern
Politics mean nothing to Dakota Jim and His Family Orchestra - They were here before the Party, and they'll be here long after its gone.

Boy - All Female, A capella, beatboxing choir sounds. (
Blondie’s World Famous Art Exhibition & Emporium

Room 6 - Rumpus Cinema
Revolutionary live visuals by VJ Harper


Room 7 - Happy Slap Boutique
This dangerously underground cell of the Free Tail Party will be premiering their new installation piece, "The Illustrated Circus of Beasts", complete with live body painting and dazzling circus acts set around a twisted narrative.


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Dress Code Suggestions:
The Jetsons meet Mad Max; RetroPostNeoModernism; Human/Creature Hybrids; Bladerunners; Replicants; Guerrilla Gorilla Fighters; Steampunk; Animal Farm; Party Cadres & Party Guards; Apparatchiks; Rebel Alliance; 1984; Missfit Maquis; Days of a Future Past; Weapons of Mass Distraction.

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