Screening of “A letter from Venezuela” (2019)

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Sandblast is delighted to host this film screening, which expresses a relationship of solidarity between the people of Western Sahara and Venezuela and the belief that all points of view in a conflict should be heard.


Following a trip made to Venezuela in August 2018 by journalists Carolina Graterol and Alan Gignoux, comes this poignant documentary interweaving a personal story of loss with the reality of life in Venezuela. It is an honest attempt to explain what is happening there to a world audience.


“A letter from Venezuela” take us to different places in the country and let Venezuelan people of all political positions talk and give their opinion on what is going on in Venezuela, according to their personal experience. The films also shows how Venezuelans are battling the economic crisis that has engulfed the country in the last few years. This film will show you a side of Venezuela rarely seen in the international media, and offer you a comprehensive analysis of the situation in a country that right now is on top of the news.

Sandblast is a UK arts & human rights charity promoting the voices and visions of the Saharawi from Western Sahara. Embedded in a protracted conflict since 1975, half of the Saharawi population are refugees in harsh desert camps in SW Algeria, while the other half live in their own land,occupied by Morocco.