Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam Live In London


Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam

We are thrilled to announce the return of Selda, the queen of 70’s Turkish Psychedelic Sounds, for a very rare show in London.

Warm-up duties:
Debora Ipekel (Sounds of the Universe) & Ece Duzgit (Love Vinyl)

18 February, Sunday
Doors open: 19.00

”The Turkish psych-folk hero who inspired Dr Dre and Mos Def”

SELDA, the icon and queen of 70’s Turkish Psychedelic Sounds is one of the most important pillars of Anatolian Psychedelic Rock. She’s a political activist and a legend in popular Turkish music. Her life is marked by struggle; she was imprisoned repeatedly in
the 70s and 80s, but always continued to fight. Her willpower made her the strong woman, the stunning musician SELDA of today.

She doesn’t hold a big number of live shows, it is a rare treat. So whoever got to experience a SELDA performance can call themselves one of the lucky audience. She started a musical collaboration that began in 2014 with Israeli Surf-Rock band Boom Pam.

Last November, Utrecht based Le Guess Who? festival in the Netherlands released a special edition on Vinyl of Selda Bagcan’s live performance. It is a limited edition pressed on only 500 copies.

SELDA’s tunes were sampled by big names like Dr Dre and even appeared on his latest album in the song ‘Issues’.

Mos Def, who is SELDA inspired too, stated: “You really, REALLY should know Selda. The first time I heard Selda I thought WHY HAVEN’T I EVER HEARD THIS BEFORE?”.

But it’s not only the Rap scene that is passionate about SELDA, also Hollywood star and musician Elijah Wood commented: “I thought I was going to lose my mind the first time I ever listened to SELDA”.


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