Simo Lagnawi and Passing Clouds present Sahara Ganga!


A Mini Gnawa Festival in East London! Simo Lagnawi The UK's leading Guembri player and Gnawa Master will lead you on a spiritual journey into the World of Gnawa culture, from Traditional through fusions of different styles.


Gnawa Caravan:

Gnawa Caravan perform with different musicians from all over the UK, but at their centre is exciting Berber musician Simo Lagnawi. Playing traditional Gnawa (sacred trance music from Morocco) and Gnawa Fusion, Simo continuously pushes new boundaries fusing Gnawa with music from countries such as Gambia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, India, Japan, Venezuela, and the Caribbean.


The music group Acacusine is built around its founder Danto Aya, a Tuareg from Libya. Growing up in traditional festivals and constantly hearing the sounds of Tindé, Imzad, and the Tuareg flute shaped the artist Danto is today. He says: "I will never be able to do a music that makes me forget one way or another my roots and the situation my people is living in".

This conviction of Danto created him a lot of troubles in Libya. He has been jailed and faced continuous intimidations, privations, and threats from the Kaddafi's regime. Now living in the UK since 2007, he continues to share the call for freedom and awareness through his band's beautiful music.

Tusk Force:

Tusk Force is a sonically combustive project of electrifying spontaneous nature that features the innegable collaborative talents of Dave De Rose, Colin Somervell, Nathaniel Keen & Bex Burch. Relying heavily on their personal connection, the group's ethereal soundscapes, deadly dance grooves and dreadful noise, transpire deeply in to the listeners limbs, dissipating inhibitions and causing for effortless dance-floor limb acrobatics to express!



He travels the world digging for records which would have been otherwise forgotten in time. His musical style is heavily influenced by Jazz, and is very percussive; playing a distinctive mix of afro funk, jazz, afrobeat, highlife and afro influenced sounds from Africa, South America and beyond!

Koichi Sakai:

The very best in Soul, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Latin and Afrobeat from the man behind the Ghetto Lounge label!

Free before 9pm, £5 before 10pm, £10 after
1 Richmond Road, E8 4AA

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