Talvin Singh: Bombay Talkies


Talvin Singh, one of the most influential figures in British Asian music, celebrates 101 years of Indian cinema with this blend of film and live music. The Mercury Prize-winner and master of the tabla has assembled a cross-cultural line-up of superb musicians to improvise a new score to the iconic Indian arthouse classic Devi (1960).
Exploring and extending key elements of the film's original soundtrack, the musicians riff and reinvent the score in a potent blend of classical Indian and contemporary music. Devi (Goddess) is a seminal work by Satyajit Ray who has achieved iconic status in India and is acknowledged as one of the most significant film-makers of the 20th century.

Talvin also performs a classical duet with renowned sitar player Roopa Panesar and rounds off the night with a finale to selected still images from this epic masterpiece of a film.

Promoted by the Asian Arts Agency.

This pair are best experienced live.
Robin Deneslow, The Guardian

Talvin Singh's tabla and other percussion provide an urgent, glossily complex rhythmic lead as prominent as Kumars swooning sitar melodies.

David Honigman, Financial Times

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