The Wave Pictures + Dj Healer Selecta + Sonny Green


Headliners the Wave Pictures play stripped-back rock n' roll owing debts of various denominations to Chuck Berry, Dick Dale and Johnathan Richman. Their lyrics are clever and witty, yet humble and unpretentious, and they tell generally quite charming stories with lots of emotive lyrical imagery. The band are signed to Moshi Moshi Records and are closely linked with Daniel Johnston, Jeffrey Lewis and Hermane Dune.


'Just like a Drummer'


'I love you like a Madman'


If Jarvis Cocker were to sing with the Modern Lovers, he might produce a song like Leave The Scene Behind, a piquant account of being brusquely rejected by a beautiful social climber. They are a sharp imaginative band, but The Wave Pictures are all about guitarist and singer David Tattersall, a waspish naif who wears his heart on his ragged sleeve. They owe a certain debt to the Smiths, and Tattersall has Morrissey's knack of marrying the ridiculous and the sublime. The narrative of their songs are far more poignant than their throwaway titles would imply, and this packed indie sweatbox palpably throbs with enthusiasm. Ian Gittins, The Guardian


"Combine the song-writing genius of Jonathan Richman (plus a touch of his wondrous naivety) and the lo-fi humility of Herman Dune. Imagination, humour, melodies and chords, twangy bass lines of beauty; these things will make you grin. They are a loveable band. The kind of band whose songs you put on all mixtapes, who you urge your friends to listen to. The kind of band you send panties to... "



Healer Selecta is also one of the UK's most acclaimed DJ's spinning the finest and rarest vinyl 45 of Fifties, Sixties and Seventies: Soul & Buttshakers, 50's Rhythm & Blues, Latin Boogaloo, 60's Garage Frat, Instro Surf, 50's Rock'n' Roll, Rare Groove, Mambo, Rocksteady, Ska, etc. DJ, musician, music maker, producer, he can take credit for presiding over some of the UK's most successful music and dance events. You are in save hands and don't forget your magic dancing shoes, where Healer Selecta goes the party is sure to follow. He is a key figure in his own musical and dance genres on the London scene, "Healer Selecta re-invented swinging London" (MOJO Magazine)



Sonny Green AKA SGB 2012 is a young musical poet, overflowing with energy and bursting with a passion to raise consciousness and provoke thoughts for progress in society, making a hiatus from the commercial negative narrative of many modern day rap and hip hop artists. His words and music addresses a wide spectrum of topics within society such as social behaviour, ethics and morals, media manipulation, permaculture, domestic violence, global agendas and street culture.
Sonny performs accapella poetry, live PA's and jams with full live bands. He has recently been touring with the likes of Pete Doherty and Asian Dub Foundation.


Spoken Word






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