Vindauga / Wind Eye featuring Sam Lee


Literally meaning ‘wind-eye’, ‘Vindauga’ is the Old Norse word that the word ‘window’ comes from.

The concept of a window perfectly describes this meeting of musical minds from England, Scotland and Norway. A window opens for two-way traffic between what is outside and what is inside. It symbolises openness, with a strong sense of identity, and is highly applicable to traditional music in the modern society. Vindauga / Wind-Eye throws open new windows to these musicians’ cultural and musical backgrounds, with the wind blowing in a strong element of fearless experimentation.

Vocalists Sam Lee and Unni Løvlid, and four top instrumentalists explore the intersections, both ancient and modern, between Norwegian, Scottish and English traditional music. It brings together virtuosity and expressive energy in a concert that never ceases to surprise and inspire. A preliminary version premiered to much acclaim at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections in 2016 and has grown out of Fiona Talkington’s collaborations with the Norwegian National Folk Music Stage.

This event is part of the Songlines Encounters Festival at Kings Place.

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