Yo Canto a la Diferencia – Online Streaming Event

For our next online streaming event we disturbed the memory of no less than Violeta Parra. That’s because the musicians who will be participating and showcasing their music throughout Yo Canto a la Diferencia (I sing to the difference) are keen keepers and boosters of the legacy and message of the Chilean singer/songwriter.

The five acts who will join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitch on Wednesday 19th of August (from 6PM UK-time) are indeed voices from another Chile, a Chile that is currently struggling and suffering because of the COVID pandemic, but also fighting back, day after day, for basic social and civil rights. They are battling against corruption and dealing with an unresolved economic crisis that is crippling and paralyzing every activity and project, with culture and music hit the most.

We love to cite Violeta Parra saying that throughout the event you will have the pleasure to “attend” the performances of musicians who “no toman la guitarra por conseguir un aplauso” (don’t play guitar for getting a round of applause) and with their songs are showing that despite everything, Chilean music is livelier, more impassioned and inspired than ever.

Together with our friends at Movimientos and Sounds and Colours, we feel privileged to present to you…


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