Zong Zing All Stars Album Launch

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The Zong Zing All Stars
Album Launch - Kangaroo Dance
Friday 22nd November
The Round Chapel, Hackney.

London based Zong Zing All Stars are a 9 piece band playing infectiously euphoric ‘Cavacha’ dance music from Central Africa. Driving percussion forms an irresistible core rhythm, combined with vocal harmonies and intricate guitar work. They deliver a joyful, uplifting and engaging performance combined with acrobatic dancers who are sure to get any crowd moving!

Zong Zings music is steeped in folkloric heritage, combining ‘Cavacha’ dance rhythms with ‘Soukous’ from the Democratic Republic of Congo and other root beats like ‘Mutuashi’, the raw origin of reggae brought to Jamaica by enslaved Africans.

Evolving from 90’s band Baboma, Zing Zing All Stars are well established on the London scene and always popular at festivals. They have performed with such illustrious groups as Samba Mapangala’s Orchestra Virunga, Somo Somo of Mose Fanfan of Franco Makiadi’s OK Jazz, Defao’s Big Musica, Remmy Ongala’s Super Matimbila and Rumba Ray and Maray Maray of Papa Wemba.

This is a long awaited release from the band, so please come and celebrate and Kangaroo Dance!

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