Gallery: Plugged @ Walthamstow Trades Hall (London; Thursday 5th May 2022)

Orchestra of Samples_František Holčík _ Plumm [photo Francoise Lamy]

Despite being huge advocates of and using written words and sounds on a daily basis, we are also big fans of images and their expressive power.

That’s why we can’t help but feature and share with you some photo memories of the recent Plugged event that went on stage at the Walthamstow Trades Hall on Thursday 5th of May featuring Orchestra of Samples, Parasang and Moormur.

Composed of photos taken by Orchestra of Samples producer Françoise Lamy, the gallery below is a vivid narration of a one-of-a-kind show exploring sounds from far and wide. It is presented in unusual and imaginative format counting on the artistry of (in order of appearance) Moormur, Addictive TV, Plumm, František Holčík, Michael Forde, Pouya Ehsaei, Regis Molina and Afla Sackey and enriched by visuals by 2-Digit Visuals and Mouseonthetelly.


Photo ©: Françoise Lamy

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