Mixes: Groovalizacion Radio Best Albums 2017


Last year Groovalizacion Radio selected monthly the best albums for you. What better way to celebrate the new year than looking back at these fine albums from 2017? Out of our selections, we distilled a top 20 from the past year. The higher the album is ranked, the more it is supported by our curators.

Listen to our handy mixtape below to discover these albums and our favourite tracks.

Our top 20 Best albums of 2017:

  1. Blay Ambolley – Ketan (Agogo Records)
  2. Quantic & Nidia Gongora – Curao (Tru Thoughts)
  3. Son Palenque & Michi Sarmiento – Kutu Prieta pa Saranguia (Palenque Records)
  4. TootArd – Laissez Passer (Glitterbeat Records)
  5. Msafiri Zawose – Uhamiaji (Soundway Records)
  6. La Mambanegra – El Callegüeso y Su Mala Maña (Movimientos Records)
  7. ÌFÉ – IIII+IIII (Discos IFA)
  8. They Must Be Crazy – Mother Nature (own)
  9. Dem Juju Poets – Liberated Thoughts (Matasuna Records)
  10. Sibusile Xaba – Open Letter to Adoniah (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
  11. Magín Díaz – El Orisha de la Rosa (Noname)
  12. Oumou Sangaré – Mogoya (No Format)
  13. Rio Mira – Marimba Del Pacifico (AYA Records)
  14. Eddie Palmieri – Sabiduria (Rope-a-Dope)
  15. Oghene Kologbo – Africa Is The Future (Paris DJs)
  16. Bargou 08 – Targ (Glitterbeat Records)
  17. Dona Onete – Banzeiro (Mais Um Discos)
  18. Lagartijeando – El Gran Poder (Wonderwheel Recordings)
  19. Orchestre Mangelepa– Last Band Standing (Strut Records)
  20. Orchestra Baobab – Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng (World Circuit Records)


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Although we are supposedly perpetually infatuated with the ‘new’ in music, we seem to fall in love with tradition, in the same way that a hummingbird chooses to nest high up, like its parents did. Pirates, and those given the opportunity to mass communicate, often lie about the human species…

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Visions of Sound – August 2017

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The concept of an outdoor jazz festival hardly conjures images of glitter-filled Glastonbury excitement, a young hip crowd and dance-fuelled elation. However, previously exclusive jazz appears to be undergoing a fashion revolution and the grounds of Glynde Place hinted at this. Love Supreme, the UK’s only three-day greenfield jazz festival…

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Review: Womad 2017 (Malmesbury, 30th July 2017)

This year, we only got a glimpse of the music bonanza offered by the Womad UK weekend. Our stay in Malmesbury consisted of a hit-and-run or a ‘toccata-and-fugue’, in-keeping with the musical topic, and saw us pay a visit to Charlton Park on the last day of the event. Still,…

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Review: La Mambanegra @ Pavilion Terrace (Manchester, 14th July 2017)

A grey, dank Friday evening welcomed Colombia’s La Mambanegra as guests of the Biennial Manchester International Festival. The tent interior was wrapped in black and fans gathered, sitting cross-legged, waiting for the band. Hailing from Cali, the nine-piece La Mambanegra (The Black Mamba) take to the stage, safe in the…

Artists: La Mambanegra

Album Review: Quantic & Nidia Góngora – Curao [Tru–Thoughts Records, 12th May 2017]

Curao brings together the mystical music traditions of the Colombian Pacific Coast with captivating modern day production to spectacular effect. Will ‘Quantic’ Holland and Nidia Góngora, who is considered one of the foremost artists of the typical marimba music of the South Pacific region, mix those unique & rich traditional…

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Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol. 39 – Groovalizacion Radio – Tropical Beats

View Groovalizacion Radio bio here Tropical Beats Check out the summer slam mix from Tropical Beats with a selection of global beats tracks from their recent radio shows and DJ sets for the summer in Lisbon. Taking the global sounds of Afrobeat, MPB & Brazilian vibes as well as Latin…

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Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol. 35 – MUNDO FM Collective – Global Riddims

View Mundo FM Collective bio here Global Riddims In the nineties, London clubs like Dingwalls and Mambo Inn Club and magazines like Straight No Chaser carried the message of the new ‘jazz thang’ to the four corners of the Globe. They projected a modern, open, artistic vision where no musical categories…

Artists: Global Riddims , Groovalizacion Radio

Album Review: La Mambanegra – El Callegüeso Y Su Mala Maña [Movimientos Records, 3rd March 2017]

With his characteristic hat and sunglasses comes El Callegüeso (Jacobo Vélez) and his ‘Colombian Break Salsa’. This new release further advances La Mambanegra’s style, featuring a diverse range of artists, along with Colombian orchestral support. A mixture of elements (Latin jazz, rap, bomba style, choruses, solos, tumbaos and ballad) combine…

Artists: La Mambanegra

Album Review: ÌFÉ – IIII + IIII [Discos Ifà – 31st March 2017]

There is an ancient city in south-west Nigeria named Ifè, the origins of which were sown by the seed of a palm tree planted by the god Oduduwa – an ancient Yoruba myth tells. ÌFÉ is also the name of the latest project of Mark Underwood, aka Otura Mun (whom we interviewed one year…

Artists: ÌFÉ

Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol. 32 – MUNDO FM Collective – Bounty Radio

View Mundo FM Collective bio here Nomadic Mood Mixtape – Bounty Radio  “The electronica producer of the future is a nomad. He’ll create something true and unique from his own tradition and culture but will pick up inspiration from the most unlikely of cultures, ages and genres from across the globe….

Artists: Bounty Radio , Groovalizacion Radio

Album Review: Bargou 08 – Targ [Glitterbeat Records, 17th Febaruary 2017]

When you think of Tunisia, nothing less than the ruins of a great civilization, those of Carthage for example, come to mind. Think of a barren valley and a village, instead, between the mountains Northwest Tunisia and its border with Algeria, when contemplating Targ, by Nidhal Yahyaoui and his band…

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